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Original RotoStream

Original RotoStream

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This innovative tap attachment is a must have for your kitchen. 360 degrees of reach and 3 spraying modes. Upgrade your faucet into a high speed water jet - perfect for washing ingredients or cleaning dishes.  The improved water power will also reduce water usage by 70%




Improved Power - Compresses the water coming out of your current tap to dramatically improved the water pressure and jet stream.

360 Degree Reach - Swivel head can rotate to hit all corners and crevices of your sink

Easy Installation - Attachment screws easily onto 90% of taps in seconds for instant benefits




Extremely Affordable - Plumbers charge upwards of $300USD to replace a faucet with a swivel head. Same benefits, minimal price.

3 Modes of Water Power - Instantly swap between modes at the push of a button to suit your needs



Will it Fit My Faucet?

For Round Tap Heads ONLY:


The RotoStream Guarantee 

We are very proud of the RotoStream, and washing up has never been easier! Because we believe in our product, we'll back every purchase of our innovative tap head with a risk-free 30 day guarantee to make sure you love it too. 
If you aren't happy with your purchase PLEASE reach out to us!